The Beginners Guide to Bucket Lists

Beth Hoffmann

Many people put off their bucket list wishes for another day. Sometimes those days never come. Bucket list wishes aren’t just to be left for when someone is dying they are to bring more life to LIVING! When making a bucket list think of things like a place you’ve never been, a food you’ve never tried, someone you’ve always wanted to meet, or an activity you’ve always wanted to do with a loved one. 

Last week Tom and I got to check off something on our own bucket list. We went on vacation together to a place we had never been before. We ate ALL the food, and did ALL the tours we could. As we headed home, I was reliving some of our moments and was so thankful that we were able to take such a vacation together and while our health still permitted us to enjoy every aspect of it. 

Bucket list wishes are important in hospice care too. We talk about them with each of our patients. It is a way to savor every moment of life, and bring a reason to smile to what can be an otherwise dark time. Recently, a patient wished to go to Hawaii. While her health disabled her from making the journey, we brought the big island to her. The luau was complete with Lei’s, Hawaiian music, pineapples, and lots of smiles mixed with a few tears. 

I encourage everyone to think about the things that you want to accomplish, write them down, and do them whenever you can. If you need help visit for some ideas from others. Make your list today and start check off your wishes!