Everything is Going to be Okay

Normally I love a good roller coaster ride, but I’d like to end the ride we have been on the last couple months, called COVID. The ups an downs have definitely left my stomach queezy, and the ride has lasted too long. Like many, I found myself feeling downhearted and in low spirits. In an effort to get out of my funk I tell myself that Everything is going to be okay, and to prove that I made a list of twelve little things to hold onto after COVID, maybe you have noticed a few too.

  1. Awareness of Viruses improved
  2. More of us are practicing good hand hygiene
  3. Houses are a little cleaner and more homey
  4. Planning for what could happen in a crisis became a necessity.
  5. Prayer became a higher priority
  6. Lots of dogs and cats found forever homes
  7. We learned to not take for granted the little things, like going to the park, toilet paper, and a good hair salon.
  8. Families became closer
  9. Neighborhoods got more neighborly, as more people took walks
  10. April Fool’s Day came and went without any of the typical practical jokes
  11. Human connection became more important than wifi connection once again
  12. The luxury of a simple hug or handshake became more valued

And finally, we learned to take time to enjoy the little things because one day we may look back and realize they were the big things. These are little things to hold onto after COVID, but there are other things I hope go away sooner rather than later. Until then remember, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY.