Tom, Beth, and Ross Hoffmann

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting actor, Mark Wahlberg when he was the guest speaker at our 25th annual Voices of Inspiration fundraising event. What struck me most was just what a genuinely nice man he was. As usual, the evening was quite enjoyable, we always hope guests walk away with a message of inspiration to help them in their own lives and this year our moderator, Monsignor Craig Harrison was able to highlight the humaneness of Mark and how he approaches life’s tougher moments. You see, working in hospice has allowed me to understand the brevity of life and the importance of prioritizing. I have seen that rich or poor, young or old, stoic or emotional, each person faces end-of-life issues differently, but they all experience a change in humaneness because the change in their circumstances require an active response. At Hoffmann Hospice it is our mission to comfort the grieving. At Voices of Inspiration guests were witness to one of our grief support attendees playing “Have I Told You Lately” to honor and celebrate his wife that had passed away. We are committed to helping families navigate the change they will go through after the loss of a loved one in hopes that they can someday turn around and help others, thereby fostering a compassionate community able to help each other through life’s challenges.