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  • Who Is Eligible

    The end of life is a very difficult time. It is also one of the most precious. Priorities change and families come together with loved ones – to laugh, to cry, to share stories and seek closure and come to terms with life’s realities. Hoffmann Hospice helps to celebrate the life still yet to be lived.

    Hearing the news that you or a loved one may have less than six months to live can be frightening and shocking, especially if you have recently decided to forgo curative treatments. It is during these particular times that Hoffmann Hospice serves as a local resource that many families count on for support. The Hoffmann Hospice staff is a trusted and steady anchor amidst the waves of emotions that accompany decisions regarding end-of-life choices.

    Since Hoffmann Hospice’s inception, it has been our goal to meet and exceed the hospice needs of this community. In our ongoing effort to fulfill our mission, Hoffmann has completed its most ambitious project to date – opening Kern County’s first-and-only hospice home.

    This hospice home will make it possible for qualifying patients with acute pain and symptom management needs to be cared for in a homelike setting by a staff of clinical experts who are specially trained in end-of-life care.


    The key question to ask yourself is, “Does this patient continue to need acute nursing intervention(s) to keep their symptoms managed, and can it best be done in an acute setting to avoid re-hospitalization or an uncomfortable death?” If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions the patient may be eligible for the Hospice Home. The Hospice Home is for patients who qualify for General In-Patient (GIP) level of care according to Medicare guidelines.


    • Patients whose level of care can replace the need for hospitalization.
    • Patients whose pain and/or symptoms cannot be effectively managed in their residential setting or in a circumstance where a patient’s caregiver is or would be routinely providing skilled intervention and can no longer continue doing so.


    • A pain or symptom crisis that is not easily managed in treatment in the current setting or that requires frequent medication adjustments or monitoring
    • Intravenous and intramuscular injections or insertion of a catheter
    • Intractable nausea / vomiting; intestinal obstruction and/or severe diarrhea
    • Infection
    • Open wounds or decubiti requiring changes in treatment and close monitoring
    • Respiratory distress that is unmanageable
    • Sudden onset of delirium or behavior changes
    • Seizures
    • Death is near and the caregivers are having difficulty meeting the patients need for symptom management such as controlling secretions, pain, and/or fever


    • The GIP level of care is intended to be short term intervention.
    • The goal of Hoffmann Hospice is stabilize the patient’s symptoms so they are able to return to wherever they call home.
    • The average length of stay for most patients who visit the hospice home will be less than 7 days.

    If you are unsure if a patient meets GIP/Hospice Home eligibility criteria please call 410-1010 to schedule an appointment to evaluate the patient.