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  • Advanced Directives

    This is The Talk nobody talks about.

    What are your plans for a medical emergency and end of life care? Medical emergencies happen at every age. Many of us have planned for college, marriage, a family, a career and retirement; we even help our children and families plan for the same events. While we consult with attorneys who help us plan our last will and testament, most of us do not make plans for the end of life. We plan on living long healthy happy lives however medical emergencies such as a stroke, heart attack or chronic illnesses such as diabetes or Parkinson’s can occur without a moment’s notice. A plan is necessary so that you can return to living the best possible life. A gradual decline in health or independence is what we believe will naturally occur, yet we don’t think about the plans that we must make to have the best quality of life during that time. At Hoffmann Hospice, we focus on life until the end. It is inevitable, the end of life will come and we want to help you be ready. We can provide a toolkit that will help you plan for a medical emergency and the end of life.

    *Who do you want to make health care decisions for you when you can’t make them?

    *What kind of medical treatment do you want and not want?

    *What kind of help and support would you like for you and your loved ones?

    *What does “quality of life” mean to you?

    *What would a good death look like to you?

    *If given the choice, would you prefer to die in a hospital or at home?

    Hoffmann Hospice is the exclusive provider of “Have you had the talk?” in Kern County. We have chosen to provide this information to support our community and neighbors in being as prepared as possible for end of life care. It can be overwhelming to think about how and where to begin planning for such an event however the benefits for not only yourself but for your family are invaluable. Hoffmann Hospice supports the community and can support your family by facilitating family conversations.  We will show you how to clarify your wishes, organize paperwork and put your wishes in writing, have the talk with the people that you love and be informed of additional services and resources. So many times this aspect of life is not planned out and when it occurs, it is not only devastating to the individual but to the family. Give those you love a gift by being as prepared as possible for the end of life by having your thoughts and wishes written out.

    Hoffmann Hospice offers “Have you had the Talk?” presentations to all groups including employers, church groups, service clubs and any interested organizations. Don’t put off this conversation until there is an emergency; have this conversation now. Call Hoffmann Hospice today for your group or family talk.